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Launch your app without any coding—
and get expert help to make it more powerful.

In 15 minutes
The time it takes to buy and drink a cup of coffee

Use a prebuilt template from the catalog to create a fully hosted Web application with a polished user experience and a secure back-end—the no-code way.

In 1 day
The time it takes to assemble the IKEA furniture for your new apartment

Build a unique app by combining multiple templates and themes from the catalog, customizing it for your own business and personal workflows—the no-code way.

In 2 weeks
The time it takes to negotiate a custom software development contract

Improve your app by hiring a developer to code extensions—connecting the app to an existing data system, adding advanced features, or theming it exactly to your taste.

Collaborate with others to get exactly what you need

Users, designers, developers, and service providers cooperate to create the shared software catalog for the next decade.


The Competitive Way

Many subscriptions. Disconnected workflows.


The Cooperative Way

One subscription for seamless workflows.

For Users

Build it on your own

Build and design a customized space for your blog, videos, online store, community, business, or personal profile.
No coding skills required!

Assemble your space by dragging and dropping cards from the catalog

Edit each card by filling in text and images

Configure the structure of each card

Style the cards by adjusting fonts, border colors and much more

Preview your space to see how it looks to the public

For Designers

Design it to fit your needs

Do it in style. Create templates and themes for others to choose from, while you grow your client base with custom and premium themes.

Standard Layout
Custom Theme
Standard Layout
Custom Theme

In-Browser Themer

Watch this video to see how themes are created in the Cardstack Builder.

For Developers

Code it to do more

Extend prebuilt apps and integrate them with existing systems to adjust them for specific businesses or use cases.

Open Source (MIT License)

Check out our codebase in the main GitHub repository of the Cardstack platform.

Learn more

Fully Documented

Read our developer documentation on how to build new types of apps from scratch or based on templates.

Learn more


Sell premium apps, themes, and templates on existing marketplaces or list them in the built-in Card Catalog, which pays you based on usage.

Learn more

How you can extend Cardstack:

UI Customization

If you know
  • HTML
  • CSS
Then you can
  • Construct data schemas with the Card Builder
  • Create themes using CSS
  • Deliver custom apps to clients with just a few clicks

Feature Enhancements

If you know
  • Front-end JavaScript (e.g. React / Ember / Angular / Vue.js)
  • CLI
Then you can
  • Build custom UI controls for particular types of fields
  • Change layouts completely to implement any design
  • Run Cardstack yourself and develop locally

System Integration

If you know
  • Node.js
  • Cloud DevOps (e.g. AWS / Azure / GCP)
Then you can
  • Integrate any data source and API by writing Node.js plugins
  • Become integratable by crafting a custom API endpoint that allows other apps to access your data in Cardstack
  • Deploy Cardstack to any public or private cloud

Powered by git, integrated with GitHub

All your custom code, configurations, and data are stored in your own GitHub repository. Star our main GitHub repo to get notified when we launch our Developer Mode.