The Collaborative OS for Web3

Cardstack opens the doors to Web3 for everyday people.
Building software is no longer reserved for experienced developers.
NFTs, DeFi and blockchain are no longer reserved for the crypto-savvy.
Instead, anyone will finally be able to build apps, create content and get paid in decentralized ways—no coding or crypto experience required.
Let’s break down the barriers that limit what we can achieve together.

We are launching the product suite in stages. The first one to launch is our payment protocol Card Pay and its companion app Card Wallet, which is currently in beta.

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Card Wallet
by Cardstack
Available for iOS

Build together

Card Builder

Collaborate to build new spaces
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Build your own space without coding—then let developers extend it to fit your specific needs.
  • No-code tools
  • Unified environment & design system
  • Open-source architecture to extend & integrate

Earn together

Card Wallet &
Card Pay

Collaborate to make transactions
Card Pay light paperCard Pay website
  • DeFi payment protocol
  • Non-custodial smart contract wallet based on Gnosis Safe
  • Multichain layer 1 – layer 2 bridge
  • Low-cost & gasless transactions on layer 2
  • Reward system based on off-chain rules engine
  • Fiat on-ramp for stablecoins
  • Support for NFTs on xDai chain including POAPs
Purchase a prepaid card easily with Apple Pay. It will be your go-to payment method for products & services in the Card Pay network.
Keep all your prepaid cards, reward cards and other balances in one place, synchronized between your mobile wallet and web dashboard.
Make Web3 payments without gas fees and confirm each payment with your Face ID, while keeping track of all transactions in your activity history.
For Businesses
Request Web3 payments from your customers, collect your earnings in your business account, and withdraw them at any time.
Card Wallet
by Cardstack
Available on iOS

Work together

Card Space & Card Flow

Collaborate to get your work done
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  • Guided Workflows
  • Interactive Messaging
  • Synchronized Tasks
  • Collaborative Editing
  • Annotation via Comments
  • No-Code Customization
  • Access Control
  • Simple Automation
Collaborate with others to organize projects, create content, submit proposals, mint NFTs, run digital organizations and much more using this workflow & task system.
Let each workflow guide you through the steps to accomplish your milestones, while keeping an eye on the progress you’re making.
Invite other participants to your workflow so you can share the work—or ask for support when you need help or feedback.
Keep track of all your threads & workflows. Your queue sorts them for you and notifies you when your response is needed.
Manage your personal, business or community space. Add the content, products or NFTs that you want to sell or present to your community.

Play together

Cardstack Community

Join us and be a part of something big!
There are 4 ways to contribute to the community:

Join the club and help grow the community

Heart our videos and clap for our articles

Pick up a spade and start building

Earn rewards with your diamond hands

Technology Stack

Cardstack is a full-stack technology framework with numerous open-sourced components.
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Web3 dApp

Card Environment

mobile app (iOS & Android)

Card Wallet

Product Suites

DeFi Payments & Rewards

Card Pay

Decentralized Web Hosting

Card Space

Workflow Coordination

Card Flow

Built-in Tools

No-Code Tool

Card Builder

DAO Credentials & Identity

Card Membership

Personal Information Organizer

Card Library

Open Software Marketplace

Card Catalog


Layer 2 payments

Card Pay Protocol

Recurring Merkle Drops

Card Reward Protocol

Cross-chain Asset Bridging

Card Bridge Protocol

NFT Pricing & Inventory

Card Commerce Protocol

Analytic Mining

Card Tally Protocol

Invoice Refactoring

Card Advance Protocol


API Services
Indexing & Search

Card Hub

Schema Definition & Extension

Card Schema

UI Components
Front-end Code Generation

Card Compiler

Package Management


Design System


Animation Engine

Ember Animated

Cardstack is integrated with

Cardstack Team

We are working with a talented team of developers, engineers, product designers, data scientists and writers who are spread around the world.

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