The dramatic influx of crypto-wealth into app tokens could provide just enough fuel for software to transform the world a second time within this decade. But success is not guaranteed.

Cardstack Vision Paper

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Technical Roadmap

This how we create the next vital platform of the decentralized stack

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The biggest crypto exchanges are successful and have great user experience, but in no way are using the peer-to-peer aspect that makes blockchain a unique technology.

Chris Tse to CNBC


A Blueprint for Mass Adoption

How to fulfill the promise of decentralized applications

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I really wish all the people who have humanities degrees, philosophy degrees, people who understand languages and how they develop, political system experts, to get involved in blockchain.

Chris Tse in 'Breaking Down the Silicon Valley Silo'

(Cardstack) allows users to combine different apps and dApps, blending their favorite features from each one and getting the best of all possible worlds.

International Business Times

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The project has advanced to what it is today thanks to the help of an amazing team of contributors. We come from multiple disciplines, backgrounds and cities across the globe.
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The next big transformation in the software economy is here. Get on board, as we work together to build the future of the decentralized Internet.