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Collaborate to get your work done with Card Space & Card Flow
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Mix & match features to work efficiently

Conduct all your workflows in one place, using these basic card types and many more, while benefitting from the tools that come with your personal, business or community space.


Forms are part of most workflows in one way or another. Fill out applications, surveys, product pages, project details, content submissions, and much more by typing in-line or adding existing cards.


Cards of all types can be embedded inside a collection, e.g. in a catalog or an online store. Present your applicants, members, photos, products, tasks, articles, NFTs, music, and much more in a filterable, editable, searchable collection.


Any card can be added and moved around inside your layout. Organize the layout of your articles, community dashboard, personal Card Space and much more by adjusting the properties and structure.


Whether it’s a simple chat or a full workflow with tasks and milestones to complete, a thread is where the work gets done. Build relationships, organize projects, sign agreements, set up accounts, distribute rewards, mint NFTs, consult customers, and much more—on your own, as a team, or with others outside your organization.


Actions are used to initiate, advance and finalize workflows. Click a button to confirm payments, submit votes, publish content, sign contracts, buy products, start memberships, send proposals, complete business transactions, and much more.

Powerful tools at your fingertips

Use and combine them to meet all your needs.

Annotation via Comments

Leave comments for your partners, colleagues or community members.

Interactive Messaging

Send messages with interactive attachments.

Access Control

Define exactly who can access how much of your space and content.

Synchronized Tasks

Manage your tasks between private and shared workspaces.

Collaborative Editing

Take turns to edit or edit together in real time.

Simple Automation

Generate invoices and contracts quickly and easily.

No-Code Customization

Adjust the look and feel of your space and the cards inside it.

Guided Workflows

Respond to messages and keep track of your workflows.