Let's build and grow your network together.

Cardstack Syndicate Inc. is the design & development studio behind the Cardstack platform. Our platform enables new modes of cross-organizational collaboration—and each year, we select a number of projects that are aligned with this vision. Working as co-development partners, we help clients implement our toolsets to bring their use cases to life.

We are interested in projects that aim to foster new economic relationships between individuals and businesses across industries, incorporating:

  • cross-organizational workflows
  • decentralized marketplaces
  • collaboratively curated registries
  • user on-ramps for blockchain / DLT applications
  • multi-currency payment settlement networks

We are tool makers, not just tool users.

We have built our own application framework for blockchain, which enables us to integrate with multiple blockchains and cloud infrastructures. Using this open-source framework, we collect all the tools that have been created. Since we know these tools inside out, we can help our clients apply them in the most efficient ways to accelerate the progress of new projects.

We put the user experience first.

Our technologists and designers work hand-in-hand, as we use design thinking to discover users’ workflows and rapid prototyping to test design ideas with real users. Based on the user experience we aim to achieve, we choose the appropriate technology to implement the respective workflows, thus creating a cohesive user interface that is tailored to particular industries’ needs.

We work with multiple blockchain and cloud technologies.

We enable our clients to tap into the power of Web 3.0, considering their preferred approach—whether it is centralized or decentralized—and selecting the right technology for their individual use case. Yet, the flexibility offered by our plugin framework and open-source system facilitates migration down the line as well. Platform owners are free to change ledgers and integrations or progressively decentralize their system, which makes their investment cost-effective and future-proof.

Deep thinking leading to fast iterations

At Cardstack, we offer innovative and yet practical solutions that blend blockchain and cloud technology seamlessly. We work with clients and partners to connect new systems to existing investments in clouds, APIs, and data analytics, in order to solve real business problems in groundbreaking ways. Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to provide one cohesive offering, combining software architecture, user experience design, product development, and project implementation.

Our development approach:

Our design & development studio in New York City

Cardstack Syndicate Inc.
One World Trade Center, Suite 49M
New York, NY 10007, USA

We work with a network of team members around the world to realize each project, while our office in NYC’s One World Trade Center provides state-of-the-art capabilities for project kickoffs, training, and on-site collaboration:

  • workshops for up to 30 participants
  • full audio-visual support for remote participation
  • webinars
  • live-streaming support
  • media production facility to create training materials

If you are interested in working with us, please email us at partnerships@cardstack.com. Tell us about your project and we will be happy to send you an informational collaboration packet.