Introducing Card Pay. Fast, easy & cheap payments for Web3
Connect your wallet with the dashboard
Create prepaid cards in various designs
Manage your prepaid cards & balances
Make payments and confirm transactions with your Touch ID or Face ID
Keep track of your transaction history across all balances and prepaid cards in your wallet

Launch Schedule

Card Pay

Card Bridge

Card Reward

In Development

Card Commerce

In Development
  • Core payment protocol
  • Smart-contract wallet
  • Gasless transactions
  • Revenue pool for merchants
  • Layer 1 - layer 2 bridge
  • L2 token minting and burning
  • NFT bridging
  • Reserve pool for stakers
  • Reward distribution 
for token communities
  • Off-chain reward computation
  • On-chain reward pool
  • E-commerce protocol
  • NFT inventory system
  • Token-gated access
  • Membership-based discounts